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Brother Laminated TZE Tapes (8 meters)

Please note prices indicated are Suggested Retail Pricing and exclusive of VAT. Prices are subject to change without notice should there be any deterioration in the exchange rate on the date that the order is placed.

TAPE WIDTHS36mm Tapes24mm Tapes18mm Tapes12mm Tapes9mm Tapes6mm Tapes
Black on ClearTZE 161R 660,00TZE 151R 520,00TZE 141R 460,00TZE 131R 380,00TZE 121R 330,00TZE 111R 290,00
Black on WhiteTZE 261R 760,00TZE 251R 560,00TZE 241R 480,00TZE 231R 400,00TZE 221R 380,00TZE 211R 330,00
Black on RedTZE 461R 760,00TZE 451R 560,00TZE 441R 480,00TZE 431R 400,00TZE 421R 380,00
Black on BlueTZE 561R 760,00TZE 551R 560,00TZE 541R 480,00TZE 531R 400,00TZE 521R 380,00
Black on YellowTZE 661R 760,00TZE 651R 560,00TZE 641R 480,00TZE 631R 400,00TZE 621R 380,00TZE 611R 330,00
Black on GreenTZE 751R 560,00TZE 741R 480,00TZE 731R 400,00TZE 721R 380,00
Black on Matt/SilverTZE M961R 860,00TZE M951R 620,00TZE M931R 470,00
Red on ClearTZE 132R 380,00
Red on WhiteTZE 262R 760,00TZE 252R 560,00TZE 242R 480,00TZE 232R 400,00TZE 222R 380,00
Blue on ClearTZE 133R 380,00
Blue on WhiteTZE 263R 760,00TZE 253R 560,00TZE 243R 480,00TZE 233R 400,00TZE 223R 380,00
Gold on BlackTZE 354R 630,00TZE 344R 570,00TZE 334R 490,00
White on ClearTZE 135R 380,00
White on BlackTZE 355R 630,00TZE 345R 570,00TZE 335R 490,00TZE 325R 440,00TZE 315R 400,00
White on RedTZE 435R 480,00
White on BlueTZE 555R 630,00TZE 535R 480,00
White on GreenTZE 755R 630,00
Gold on Premium White 4mTZE PR254R 600,00TZE PR234R 370,00
Black on Premium Gold 4mTZE PR851R 600,00TZE PR831R 370,00
White on Premium Silver 4mTZE PR955R 600,00TZE PR935R 370,00
Black on Pastel Blue 4mTZE MQ531R 280,00
Black on Pastel Pink 4mTZE MQE31R 280,00
Black on Pastel Purple 4mTZE MQF31R 280,00
Black on Patterned Gold 4mTZE MPGG31R 260,00
Black on Hearts 4mTZE MPPH31R 260,00
Black on Scott Red 4mTZE MPRG31R 260,00
White on Lime Green 5mTZE MQG35R 440,00
Gold on Satin Silver 5mTZE MQ934R 440,00
White Matt Satin Gold 5mTZE MQ835R 440,00
White on Berry Pink 5mTZE MQP35R 440,00
White on Light Gray 5mTZE MQL35R 440,00
Black on Yellow Fluorescent 5mTZE C51R 630,00TZE C31R 450,00
Black on Orange Fluorescent 5mTZE B51R 630,00TZE B31R 450,00
Black on White 4mTZE R251R 390,00TZE R231R 270,00
Gold on White 4mTZE R234R 270,00
Gold on Black 4mTZE R354R 390,00
Gold on Wine Red 4mTZE RW54R 390,00TZE RW34R 270,00
Gold on Navy Blue 4mTZE RN54R 390,00TZE RN34R 270,00
Gold on Pink 4mTZE RE34R 270,00
Fabric Tape Blue on White 3mTZE FA3R 460,00
Fabric Tape Blue on Blue 3mTZE FA531R 460,00
Fabric Tape Blue on Pink 3mTZE FAE31R 460,00
Fabric Tape Blue on Yellow 3mTZE FA63R 460,00
Security Tape 8mTZE SE4R 860,00
Stencil Tape 3mTZE STE161R 720,00TZE STE151R 480,00
White on Matt Gray (5m)TZE MQL55R 590,00
White on Matt Black (5m)TZE MQ355R 590,00
Black on Matt Clear (8m)TZE M51R 480,00
White on Matt Clear (8m)TZE M65R 660,00
White on Matt Black (8m)TZE M365R 660,00
Black on Matt White (8m)TZE M261R 660,00
Black on WhiteTZE SL261R 780,00TZE SL251R 620,00
Black on YellowTZE SL661R 780,00TZE SL651R 620,00
Black on WhiteTZE S261R 800,00TZE S251R 710,00TZE S241R 620,00TZE S231R 500,00TZE S221R 460,00
Black on YellowTZE S661R 800,00TZE S651R 710,00TZE S641R 620,00TZE S631R 500,00TZE S621R 460,00
Black on WhiteTZE FX251R 640,00TZE FX231R 480,00TZE FX221R 430,00
Black on YellowTZE FX631R 480,00TZE FX621R 430,00
Value Pack (5 tapes per box)
Black on WhiteTZE HGE261V5R 2 900,00TZE HGE251V5R 2 150,00
NON-LAMINATED (8 meters)
Black on White 3.5mmTZE N201R 320,00
Black Ink Ribbon, 100mTR 100 BKR350,00
HEAT SHRINK TUBE (1.5 meters)
31.0mmΦ6.3 – 2021.0mmΦ4.2 – 13.511.2mmΦ2.1 – 79.0mmΦ1.6 – 5.45.2mmΦ0.8 – 3.1
Black on WhiteTZE HSE 261ER 1 250,00TZE HSE 251ER 1 030,00TZE HSE 231ER 890,00TZE HSE 221ER 800,00TZE HSE 211ER 740,00
Black on YellowTZE HSE 661ER 1 250,00TZE HSE 651ER 1 030,00TZE HSE 631ER 890,00TZE HSE 621ER 800,00TZE HSE 611ER 740,00