Barcode Label Printer Sales

Honeywell Thermal Print Heads

Honeywell Thermal Print Heads including Datamax and Intermec

Please make sure the correct Print Head is ordered as we can not exchange Print Heads.

1-010030-900PF2i, Legacy Printer, Printhead (Z3), 203 dpi
1-010043-900PM4i, PF4i, Legacy Printer, Printhead (Z3), Printhead, 203 DPI
1-010043-910PM4i, PF4i, Legacy Printer, Printhead (Z3), Printhead, 203 DPI (Thick)
1-010044-900PM4i, PF4i, Legacy Printer, Printhead (Z3), Printhead, 300DPI
1-040082-900PX4i, Printhead (Z3), TPH ASSY 203 DPI PX4I: PXi+PXie
1-040083-900PX4i, Printhead (Z3), TPH ASSY 300DPI PX4I: PXi+Pxie
1-040084-900PX6i, Printhead (Z3), TPH ASSY 203 DPI: PXi+Pxie
1-040085-900PX6i, Printhead (Z3), TPH ASSY 300 DPI: PXi+Pxie
1-040087-900PX6i, Printhead (Z3), PRINT UNIT: PXi+Pxie
201-031-230PC23, Printhead (Z3), Printhead, 300 dpi
225-783-001PC43, PD43, Printhead , 203 dpi
225-784-001PC43, PD43, Printhead , 300 dpi
710-129S-001Printhead PM42 / PM43, 203 dpi 4in
710-179S-001Printhead PM42 / PM43, 300 dpi 4in
710-228S-001Printhead, 2in, 203dpi Assembly, PM23
714-803S-001Printhead, 2in, 300dpi Assembly, PM23
850-812-900PX4i, Printhead (Z3), TPH ASSY 400 DPI PX4I KIT: PXi+Pxie
PHD20-2164-01Printhead, 203 DPI 6´. A-Class
PHD20-2181-01PHD 203DPI-I-4208,10,12
PHD20-2182-01Printhead, 300 DPI 4´. A-Class, I-Class
PHD20-2192-01Printhead, 203DPI – E-4203/E-4204
PHD20-2195-01Printhead, 300 DPI 6´ .A-Class,
PHD20-2220-01Printhead, 203 DPI – M-4206 &M-4208. M-Class
PHD20-2225-01Printhead, 300 DPI – M-4306. M-Class
PHD20-2234-01Printhead, IntelliSEAQ, 300 DPI – H-8308 models
PHD20-2240-01Printhead, IntelliSEAQ, 203 DPI – H4212 models, A-Class
PHD20-2260-01Printhead, IntelliSEAQ, 203 DPI – M-4210. M-Class Mark II
PHD20-2261-01Printhead, IntelliSEAQ, 203 DPI – M-4206. M-Class Mark II
PHD20-2267-01Printhead, 203 DPI. E-Class Mark III
PHD20-2278-01Printhead, IntelliSEAQ, 203 DPI – I-4212e. I-Class Mark II
PHD20-2279-01Printhead, IntelliSEAQ, 300 DPI – I-4310e. I-Class Mark II