Barcode Printers FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Barcode Label Printers

What is a Barcode Printer?

A barcode printer is a printer specifically designed to print onto rolls of labels. These printers can print Barcodes, Simple Graphics and Text onto labels.

How does a Barcode Printer work?

The barcode printer feeds the label under the print head which applies heat to the label. There are two ways that can be used to print onto the label. Direct Thermal uses the heat from the Print Head directly onto the surface of specially treated paper labels to make the print. Thermal Transfer uses a Ribbon between the Print Head and label, the heat is transferred to the ribbon which burns the print onto the label.

What is the Thermal Transfer Print Method?

These printers also use the heat from the printhead. But to rather transfer the ink from the ribbon onto the label. The thermal transfer method produces a much longer lasting printed label that is not easily affected by heat, liquid or direct sunlight. The abbreviation for Thermal Transfer Printers is “TT”.

What is the Direct Thermal Print Method?

Direct Thermal printers use the heat from the printhead to cause a chemical reaction on the thermal labels and the area that is heated turns black producing the print. Therefore no ribbon is used for this method of printing. The abbreviation for Direct Thermal used on this site is “DT”.