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The Thermal Print Heads (TPH) are most probably the most important item of your Barcode Printer. It is also the part that works the hardest and is subject to dirt build up and wear. The TPH should be cleaned regularly.

Read this article on how to care and maintain the Thermal Print Head.

When you have cleaned the Thermal Print Head and you still notice smudged or partially printed text or barcodes, the TPH needs replacing.

Below is the list of part numbers and description of the Genuine Argox Thermal Print Heads. Please make sure the correct TPH is ordered as we can not exchange Print Heads.

Part NumberFor Argox Printer Model
ARG2380017001TPH for OS203/ 2130/2130D/2130DE
ARG59-D25A3-001TPH for D2-250
ARG2382424017TPH for OS 204/2140/2140D/214 PLUS
ARG59O42A1001TPH for O4-250
ARG59-D42A1-001TPH for D4-250
ARG59C21A2001TPH for CP2140
ARG59C30A1011TPH for CP3140 (300dpi)
ARG 59-C21A2-011TPH for CP-2140EX
ARG59-C22A1-001TPH for CP 2240
ARG5920008001TPH for X1000+ / X2000+
ARG59-200A2-002TPH for X1000V/X2000V / F1/X2300/X2300E
ARG2383424004TPH for X3200 (300dpi)
ARG59IX402001TPH for iX4 250
ARG59-IX301-001TPH for iX4 350
ARG2380007002TPH for G6000
ARG59IX6A1001TPH for iX6-250