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TSC Thermal Print Heads

TSC Print Heads

The TSC Print Heads (TPH) are most probably the most important item of your Barcode Printer. It is also the part that works the hardest and is subject to dirt build up and wear. The TPH should be cleaned regularly.

Read this article on how to care and maintain the Thermal Print Head.

When you have cleaned the Thermal Print Head and you still notice smudged or partially printed text or barcodes, the TPH needs replacing.

Please make sure the correct TSC Print Heads are ordered as we can not exchange Print Heads.

TSC Printer ModelPrice ex vat (Reference only)
TDP225R1 400
DA210R1 590
DA220R1 590
DA310R2 554
TDP244 (Discontinued Printer)R1 647
TE200R1 590
TE210R1 590
TE310R3 416
TC200 (Discontinued Printer)R2 240
TC300 (Discontinued Printer)R3 360