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TSC Thermal Print Heads

Your TSC barcode printer is a workhorse, but it relies on a crucial component: the thermal print head. This unsung hero translates digital data into crisp labels. Here’s why TSC thermal print heads deserve attention:

Built to Last: TSC print heads are designed for longevity, ensuring consistent performance over extended use. Regular cleaning extends their lifespan, keeping your printing operation running smoothly.
High-Quality Prints: TSC print heads deliver sharp, clear labels with precise barcodes. This ensures accurate scanning and professional presentation, vital for efficient workflows and customer satisfaction.
Easy Replacement: When the time comes, TSC print heads are designed for user-friendly replacement. This minimizes downtime and gets your printer back up and running quickly.

Invest in genuine TSC thermal print heads to maintain optimal performance and protect your valuable printer. With proper care and maintenance, your TSC print head will be a reliable partner in creating clear, scannable labels for years to come.

TSC Thermal Print Heads

Read this article on how to care and maintain the Thermal Print Head.

When you have cleaned the TSC Thermal Print Heads and you still notice smudged or partially printed text or barcodes, the TPH needs replacing.

Please make sure the correct TSC Print Heads are ordered as we can not exchange Print Heads.

Part NumberTSC Printer ModelPrint Head Price ex vat
(Reference only)
98-0400009-10LFTSC TDP225 Print Head 203dpiR 1 724,80
PH-DA210-0003TSC DA210 Print Head 203dpiR 1 993,60
PH-DA210-0003TSC DA220 Print Head 203dpiR 1 993,60
PH-DA210-0004TSC DA320 Print Head 300dpiR 2 945,60
PH-TE200-0001TSC TE200 Print Head 203dpiR 1 993,60
PH-TE200-0001TSC TE210 Print Head 203dpiR 1 993,60
PH-TE200-0002TSC TE310 Print Head 300dpiR 4 177,60
PH-ML240-0003TSC ML240P/ML241P Print Head 203dpiR 2 721,60
PH-ML240-0004TSC ML340P/ML341P Print Head 300dpiR 5 947,20
PH-MB240-0001TSC MB240T/MB241T Print Head 203dpiR 4 020,80
PH-MB240-0002TSC MB340T/MB341T Print Head 300dpiR 7 504,00
PH-MH241-0001TSC MH241T Print Head 203dpiR 7 156,80
PH-MH241-0002TSC MH341T Print Head 300dpiR 8 915,20
PH-MH241-0003TSC MH641T Print Head 600dpiPOR

TSC Thermal Print Head Cleaning Tips

  1. Switch off the printer – important!
  2. Lift the print head mechanism
  3. Moisten a Soft Cloth with isopropyl alcohol
  4. Gently wipe the print head with the moistened cloth several times
  5. Inspect the print head and make sure there are no traces of dirt buildup remaining.
  6. Wait for the print head to dry and test the print quality

It is recommended to clean the Thermal Printer Thermal Print Head after every roll of label.