Retired End of Life Argox Label Printers

After the release of the new D2, D4 and iX4 Series Label Printers the following models have come to End OF Life (EOL). These models are no longer available from us.

Argox CP-2140/E
Replacement CP-2140EX
Argox X2300/E
Replacement iX4-250
Argox X1000V
Replacement iX4-240
Argox G6000
Replacement iX6-250

Argox X2000V
Replacement iX4-250

Even though the models have come to End of Life the support will continue for a few years. The Thermal Print Heads should be available for approximately 5 years from date of retirement.

Contact us for repairs and servicing of your Argox Printer. Our rates are reasonable and we do not charge quote rejection fees.