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Fulfill your food safety labelling needs with JUDO FOOD A simple, economical and user-friendly hand labeller solution. SATO’s JUDO FOOD now provides higher versatility and value for money and is specially designed for use in the Quick Service Food industry and all type of restaurants and F&B outlets.

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JUDO FOOD (JUDO 26) RC23-07/8L23-09 BLUE RSA

  • Enhanced features – 13 Texts Food Safety Rotary Cliché
  • on the top and a Date/Time/Price indication on the bottom
  • Greater flexibility in usage
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Higher cost effectiveness

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Hand Labeller Judo Food

JUDO FOOD – The quick and effective solution for your hand labeller needs

To ensure that food products sold to consumers are safe for consumption, it is imperative for food manufacturers and providers to comply with food safety regulations and standards such as HACCP, BRC, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, International Featured Standard (IFS) Food, Safe Quality Food (SQF), etc which are certifications that are internationally recognized. Food labelling, for e.g. labelling food items with ‘prepared’ and ‘use-by’ dates, thus becomes crucial to provide consumers with the necessary information to assess if food products are safe to be consumed.

JUDO FOOD hand labeller solution is ideal for such purposes. It is not only simple to use and value for money, its enhanced features including 13 Texts Food Safety Rotary Cliché on the top and a Date/ Time/Price indication on the bottom makes it highly versatile for use.